After the shoot of the “real” PR video for Golfalyzer, actor Mitch Laurance decided to play a practical joke on his good friends, Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump, the co-founders of Golfalyzer. The producer sent the video to Brent and Chuck apologizing for lack of notice, stating the video had been released to press along with the note…”Hope you like our work!”
Brent caught on right away…but Chuck thought it was the finished PR video they has purchased. Brent allowed his pal Chuck to stew for a day before letting him in on the gag….just before he fired the producers.
We thought you might enjoy the humor. To learn more about Golfalyzer, go to their website at

Oh…and here is the real video.

Golfalyzer PR Video HD from Zeus Digital Marketing on Vimeo.